GruChat is a location based adventure to explore the chat within the area.

GruChat that lets the strangers chat with each other supporting on both android and iOS platform. Now get connected, chat, share & contact within the location.

GruChat - Location based chat app
lets you connect, chat & share.

GruChat is an independent chat app that allows the Pokemon Go users to share the post within the location

Pokemon Go + Chat = GruChat

As we all know Pokemon Go, a mobile game, where the user, uses their smartphone GPRS and camera to trace the virtual Pokemon in the real location. GruChat app now lets you can chat or post shares with people of within the location and even let you share the private messages with strangers within the user's range of location.

Features you find in GruChat

  • Create profile

    Profile setting is available with photo upload and status

  • Send private message

    GruChat lets you share private message to any user

  • Share posts within location

    Your info or tips get's shared among the user within the location

  • Chat with users locally

    Now you can chat internally with strangers/friends each other

  • Map

    Map is integrated to track the location and chat within the locality

  • Chat history

    All your chat can be found in chat history to view the previous chat.

  • Like option (NEW)

    User is provided with like button to "like" the post shared by strangers

  • Share option (NEW)

    User is provided with "share" button to share the post

  • Tweet (NEW)

    Now you can tweet the shared post in GruChat, a location-based chat app

Benefits of location based GruChat app

  • Get connected with strangers/friends through chat
  • Share your needs and get help from strangers
  • Find people and increase your friend circle
  • At zero cost share your post by saving your time
  • GruChat an user-friendly app

How GruChat (Location based chat) works?

1 Enabling your mobile GPS location, GruChat app lets you track the other current GruChat users via mapping.

2 Every user's location is pinned on the map as a sign of user's availability, hence each user can easily get connected with the other user.

3 GruChat allows the users to share info, news, private messages and much more among the users.